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VibesUP Products Are Powered by the Natural
Vibrations of Plant Oils and Therapeutic
Gemstone Powders Sealed in an
Amplifying Liquid Crystal
TM Coating.

Energy Healing, Healing Therapy, Vibration Therapy
and Chakra Balancing Products

GetYourVibesUp is an independent
distributor of the VibesUP product line.


VibesUP Vibration Therapy and Energy Wellness Products:

  1. Can Hold Your Vibrations Up. VibesUp products help hold your vibrations up. Vibrate high – attract positive. Vibrate low – attract negative. (Like attracts like). Our good thoughts can raise our vibrations. However, it can be challenging to be consistent holding our good thoughts throughout the day when stressing situations occur. Good News! Natural healing therapy and energy therapy can also raise our vibrations. Combined with gemstones, essential oils and the VibesUP Liquid Crystal Coating VibesUp products amplified tools that can help hold our vibrations up consistently, making it easier to naturally think positive, loving and grateful thoughts. If we get knocked off center during our day, it’s easier to get right back into a state of peacefullness.
  2. Can Vibrationally Charge Your Food. A fresh picked apple has good energy value, processed foods, unfortunately, have little to none. Kinesiology tests have shown that VibesUP products will charge healthy good energy healing into anything they are near in within 10 seconds. This includes you, your food and your beverages.
  3. Are Specific in Energy Healing Themes. Gemstones and plant oils work vibrationally to attract beneficial energies. By combining these together, you can fine tune and specify the desired energy you are attracting. The abilities of both the gemstones and plant oils are powerfully amplified with the application of the special VibesUP Liquid Crystal Coating, resulting in amazing ‘energy healing’ you can feel working on many levels.
  4. Can Transform Negative Energies. Gently release negativity, pain and blockages.
  5. Create Chakra Balancing. By using a specific combination of gemstones, essential oils and creating a product called “Divine Soles,” VibesUP has created a chakra balancing shoe insert. Standing on these inserts has shown to brighten and perform chakra balancing in four minutes.


  • Allergy Relief
  • Courage- Confidence & Fear Releasing
  • Metabolism boost
  • Passion- Libido Enhancement Formula
  • Love
  • Forever Young -Anti Aging formula
  • Relief From Stress (Peace and Calm)
  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Health and Wellness
  • Energy and Motivation
  • Joy and Inspiration
  • Will Power
  • Protection from Negativity
  • Relief from Pain
  • Clarity
  • Balance
  • Relief from Depression

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