Fedtv 2008 April 14 Wheat Grass Juice Get It Down Your Shoot

Project Bluestar Diary 2000-2012

Did you know that the vast majority of disease & illness in the western world is attributable to human life style; that’s crazy, it’s time to get real & look at ways to improve our health. Take a look at the healing powers of wheat grass, the federation team join Milkom’s positive global solutions & find out the many wonders of this superplant that can significantly improve human health amidst a time where a health epidemic is escalating world wide. Nature once again comes in with the solution & it’s greener than ever, good old swamp water is a cracker of a solution for human health. After the investigation Tommy delves into some news concerning the increase in earthquake activity & tornados; rock’n’roll!

Duration : 0:10:0

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